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Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

Truth Investigations is a leading private investigation firm in Australia. We offer private detective services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Our private detectives are highly trained in surveillance and investigation methods. We use the latest and best technology. Discretion is of the utmost importance. We aren’t lurking in the shadows cloaked in black. We use ethical and legal means to find the answers you are seeking. Our services span all kinds of needs from bug sweeping to catching an unfaithful spouse, we’ll use our expertise to get the job done.

How we work

We can coordinate any type of investigation service throughout Australia. We have operatives that cover all major cities.

First, we consult with you and discern your particular needs. We’ll ask questions and request any information you have related to the assignment. We understand this is a delicate matter and are here to support you.

Then we’ll create a plan to uncover the truth and deliver results. We’ll determine what tactics are necessary and available. We deliver results legally, adhering to all national and state laws.

As we develop the plan, we’ll also be cognizant of costs. We want to provide great results while remaining affordable. We treat all clients with respect and want to make this relationship as easy and uncomplicated as possible. We put you at ease from day one. We set expectations with clients from the beginning so you’ll know what to expect.

Then we’ll start the assignment. Our team of private detectives will execute the agreed upon plan and report to you regularly regarding what was learned. We pride ourselves on communicating with clients before, during and after the assignment.

Once we have carried out the tactics and gathered evidence, we will go over the results. At this point, you’ll have the answers to your questions. You can then move forward with your next move. You can then determine if legal action is necessary.

Highly skilled Australian private detectives

We are a reputable Australian private investigation agency. Our private detectives have years of experience. Our operatives have a variety of skills, including surveillance, finding contacts, monitoring locations or using advanced spy technology.

Truth Investigations team of investigators are government licensed and accredited to conduct investigations and surveillance. And we are always available – 24/7 throughout Australia. If you need us, we can deliver timely results.

Our investigators come from a variety of backgrounds, including former police and military. We have male and female detectives in a range of ages to fit the needs of the job. Some are even bilingual should that be a prerequisite. Our detectives can easily blend into any environment or situation. If you have a specific type of detective in mind, let us know. No other Australian private investigation firm can offer the diverse operatives we have available.

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Gathering evidence

One of the most important parts of any private investigation assignment is evidence. Evidence is proof that the act happened. Photos are a big part of evidence in most cases. It’s hard to argue with what photos can uncover. From catching acts of infidelity to substantiating that an employee isn’t permanently disabled, photographic evidence is essential to the case. This type of evidence would be admissible in your court hearings.



Confidentiality is the foremost thing that we focus on when beginning work on any assignment. We safeguard and protect your personal details. You will never have to worry about a breach of confidentiality when working with Truth Investigations. Working with a private investigator is a sensitive situation. We’ll always maintain confidentiality and discretion.

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Data callouts

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia estimates the cost of insurance fraud to be $2.2 billion every year—around 10% of total claims. If you feel like your organisation could be dealing with a fraudulent claim from an employee or partner, investigate with Truth Investigations.

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Are you looking to hire a Private Investigator in Sydney?

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Perhaps you suspect your partner of cheating?


Female caught working a second job

After months of aggravation I finally contacted Truth Investigations and arranged surveillance. I shopped around and decided to go with Truth as they were understanding, compassionate and affordable. I have never looked back!

Adam Simcott, Private Client

Corporate Client’s Feedback

We regularly engage Truth Investigations for matters affecting the day to day operations of our business. I could not speak highly enough about their professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you for your on-going service!

James C, Business Owner

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Think men are the only cheaters? Actually, research shows that 57 percent of men and 54 percent of women admit to at least one past occurrence of infidelity. Stop worrying about what’s going on with your spouse or partner; find out the truth today.

Employee theft includes much more than stealing physical items or money, it’s also information. A survey from security firm Symantec identified that 50 percent of employees who left or lost a job in the last 12 months kept confidential data. Further, it revealed that 40 percent of those former employees planned to use it at their new jobs. Don’t let your proprietary information be taken. Find the leaks.

Always thoroughly background check prospective employees or business partners. A professional background check provided by an accredited Australian private investigation firm is very valuable. Hire smarter with Truth Investigations.

Why trust Truth Investigations?

You won’t find a more dedicated Australian private detective agency. Our dedication is to finding the truth for our clients. Our highly trained and accredited private detectives serve the major cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

We have a track record of working diligently with clients, both individual and corporate, to provide results. Our expertise includes:

  • Investigating possible infidelity
  • Uncovering insurance fraud
  • Assisting individuals with child custody hearings
  • Facilitating corporate surveillance
  • Gathering information on missing persons
  • Delivering surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Bug sweeping

Ready to start the process?

If you are ready to talk to a private investigator for services in Australia, Truth Investigations is ready to take your case. It’s easy to get started. Just provide us your contact details in a brief message. We’ll be in touch to set up an initial meeting.

From catching a cheating spouse to discovering who the culprit of employee theft is, we’ve got you covered. You deserve to know the truth. Truth Investigations exposes the facts. Contact us today to find the truth.

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