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At Truth Investigations, we’ve perfected the process of tracking down missing individuals or debtors. Whether you’re looking for an ex-business partner, a relative, or someone who owes you money, we have you covered. We’ll create a special investigation plan based on your unique needs and carry out the investigation very discreetly. With our clever strategies and innovative technologies, you’ll have all the information you need.


Did you know that a person goes missing every 15 minutes in Australia? There are approximately 38,000 people that are reported missing every year in the country.

Each and every day many families have to deal with profound grief, anguish, and confusion when they come to realise that their loved ones have gone missing. The reasons why people disappear are many. Some intentionally go missing because of illnesses like anxiety and depression. Others go missing when they become a victim of a crime.

Here at Truth Investigations, we understand how helpless you can feel when you can’t solve these mysteries of disappearance on your own. We use a combination of tools and techniques to search far and wide for the person you’re looking for. Since we operate Australia-wide, we work as a team across different states to quickly and discreetly trace the person you’re trying to track down. Our licensed investigators are compassionate and highly resourceful. They use a range of proven detective services like cold calling and field calls along with online data mining to gather information on a subject’s whereabouts.

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As private investigators, we’ve had many people requesting us to find their biological parents or children. Others have used our services to reach out to childhood friends and relatives they had lost touch with. We use our skills, networks, and resources to help clients find the people they’re looking for.

We acquire all the information we can about the subject and put together the pieces of the puzzle to provide our client’s with the contact information they need. It doesn’t matter if the subject is located overseas. We’ll search social media platforms, databases, and use our special investigative skills to obtain the contact information of the person you’re trying to find.


At Truth Investigations, we have extensive experience in locating debtors who often go to great lengths to remain hidden. With our experience and resources, we can trace or confirm the location of your debtors and provide you with the details of our findings efficiently via email. As private investigators, we use our technical prowess to search many databases. We understand that no two cases are alike. That’s why we tailor our approach and track down highly valuable and relevant information. The process of locating an individual is very challenging and time-consuming for business-owners, individuals, and law firms. We understand that we might encounter difficulties, but we make sure we employ the best strategies to overcome these challenges.

As reliable and trustworthy private investigators, we take your safety and confidentiality very seriously. We do our best to scrutinise every avenue of enquiry and ensure that we’re very discreet in all our undertakings. If your own attempts at locating a person or a debtor have left you empty-handed, don’t despair. We live and breath investigations, and we’re here to help you uncover the information you need.

Whether you’re chasing after hard-to-find debtors or looking for a missing child, talk to us about your concerns.

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