Private Investigators in Australia: Cost, Process, Legal process

At Truth Investigations, our team of private investigators in Australia always use ethical and legal means to gather evidence. There are many reasons for hiring a Private Investigator. Although one of the most popular rationales is to catch a cheating spouse, some people use our services to identify insurance fraud and employee fraud. You may also want to turn to us if you’re considering taking a new relationship to a more serious level.

Before hiring any private investigator in Australia, it’s worth learning more about what we can and cannot do. From our processes to our pricing plans, we’re happy to discuss all your queries openly and honestly right here.

What can a Private Investigator in Australia do?

Private investigators and private detectives are the same – we carry out investigations on behalf of private individuals, lawyers and corporations. Licenced private investigators in Australia are bound by state and national laws. This means we need to use our unique skills and tools to unearth information about the individual or company you want to investigate. In some cases, this means using photographic evidence to catch a person in the act. Such evidence is excellent for revealing infidelity or discovering that an employee is lying about an illness.

Using public records and our unique ability to encourage others to reveal more about themselves, we often identify when someone is telling lies. By maintaining an ethical approach to our daily practice, we ensure the evidence we reveal is admissible in court. This can act to your advantage when resolving family law matters or employment disputes.

How do your services work?

When you are ready to hire a private investigator, get in touch with us and we’ll schedule an initial meeting to discuss your case by phone. During this meeting, we’ll take the time to understand what your suspicions are and we’ll use the information you give to us as a platform for starting our work. We’ll then use one of our private investigators in your area to gather evidence that either confirms or corrects your suspicions.

What influences the cost of your private investigation services?

At Truth Private Investigators, we work hard to ensure our quotes are always transparent. The overall cost of your case will depend on the amount of work that’s involved and the equipment we need to use. Thanks to our experience in performing investigations, we’re able to provide accurate quotes once we’ve discussed the details of your case.

Do you have questions for us?

As private investigators in Australia, we know our clients often feel as though our business is shrouded in secrecy! At the same time, we want to ensure you feel confident in using our services. If you have any questions for us, please get in touch and we’ll provide you with a full and detailed answer below.

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Hi there

I am going through a custody battle with my ex, my ex makes $0 according to centrelink but is living a luxury life and to the best of my knowledge she is an escort and I would like to find out where to show the courts

How much for a week investigation?

Or what is the rates.

Thank you

Hi Hamish,

We have replied to your enquiry via email.

Thank you

Hi, I was looking at getting a background check done on a person my daughter intends to marry, in Sydney. His professional situation – salary etc and personal attributes – any ongoing/ past affairs, any negative traits. How much time would it take and how much would it cost.

Truth PI

Hi Prateek,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have sent you an email outlining our fee structure for a desktop investigation and physical surveillance for a pre pre-marital investigation.

Let me know if you have any questions – we are happy to offer you a free, no obligation consultation by calling 1300 365 883.

Thank you

Truth Investigations


Hello I’m looking for my birth father, I have his full name and date of birth – providing these details are correct.
Do you think you could help me?

Truth PI

Hi Belinda,

Sure, we can take on your case. Please send through his full name and DOB to and we will reply with a quote!

Hi, I was recently scammed by someone in Queensland, and was advised by a friend who works in law that the best I could hope to do was send them a ‘claim letter’ before escalating the matter in small court. In order to do so I need the fraud’s address – can I have a quote for finding the residential address of a person? I have details of the persons full name, approximate suburb in Queensland and mobile phone number, along with photos.

Truth PI

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for your enquiry. We have just sent you an email with our process for locating a person in QLD.

Thank you

I suspect my partner is cheating, what should I do?

Truth PI

Generally, a gut feeling, intuition or warning sign is correct. Whether it is in fact a cheating partner, hidden addiction or simply a white lie. At Truth Investigations the first step is to call our office and speak to one of our staff about your situation in a completely confidential, no cost phone consultation. We will advise you on the process, the timeframe and the costs associated with getting the answers you need to know. Please contact our office by phone on 1300 365 883 when you’re free and ready to discuss your case.

I need the address of a person who is the owner of a dog that attacked my dog. I have her name, her facebook details, her married and maiden name, her husband’s name and the date she was married (from the facebook) I just need an address I can serve the court so a claim can through.

What would be the pricing of getting the person’s address?

Truth PI

Hi Robert, we have sent you a private reply to your enquiry. As mentioned in the reply, we have dealt with several of these cases in the past and would be happy to assist.

What separates you from your competitors? I have found several websites online.

Truth PI

When conducting any business, it is always good to shop around and get a feel for who you are dealing with. At Truth Investigations we pride ourselves on developing a close and personal relationship with all of our clients. Generally, when the need to hire a Private Investigator arises, there is a lot of emotion and stress involved. We like to alleviate that stress by providing a simple, concise service to our clients. We are empathetic, resourceful, always contactable and very discreet. Speak to one of our staff today by calling 1300 365 883 or emailing us –

Discretion is key for me, I don’t want my partner finding out. How can you guarantee that he won’t find out?

Truth PI

Hi Cheryl – We understand the importance of discretion and go to great lengths to keep your information confidential before, during and after the investigation.

We setup a secure and encrypted channel of communication with clients to safeguard our conversations from their partner and ensure there is no trace on the phone bill.

We always ask during the initial phone conversation for a secure and private email address to send information to without it landing up on a shared email account or device.

Our office is kept up-to-date with the latest in security software and firewalls to ensure that all documents are stored safely and securely.

If you have any further hesitation about the discretion of your information, we ask that you bring this up during a phone consultation.

What kind of investigations do you do?

Truth PI

We conduct various types of investigations for a broad range of clients Australia wide. We specialise in surveillance, background checks, data recovery and locating people that do not want to be found. Please contact our office today for a free consultation by phone so we can help you with your current situation.

How do you guarantee your work?

Truth PI

Hi Anna,

With many cases there is no guarantee. We make this very clear from the beginning and outline exactly what outcome can be expected from the services we offer. For example: When conducting surveillance, you can’t make the Subject of the investigation change their daily routine or tell them to leave the house to do what you need them to do in order to obtain a result.

The purpose of surveillance is to observe and obtain evidence of a Subject in accordance with a client’s instructions.

We always ensure that meticulous planning and research goes into every surveillance operation. We put ourselves in the best location and at the most suited time-frame to obtain a favourable result.

As much as each case can be similar, no two cases are the same and it is important to discuss your situation with one of our staff in detail before proceeding.


I have an upcoming court case. Is your work admissible in a court of law?

Truth PI

Thank you for your enquiry Samantha. Yes – we provide a comprehensive surveillance report or background check report depending on what is required for your case. The report is admissible in court as all evidence is legally obtained by a licensed Investigator.

I suspect one of my employees is stealing stock from our warehouse. Is this a case you can take on?

Truth PI

Yes, we sure can help you with your case. We would need to gather more information about what is going missing and the location of the items being stolen before being able to provide a quote and a strategy for catching those responsible. Please contact our office on 1300 365 883 for a free consultation today. Confidentially assured.

I suspect my mum is cheating on my father. Are you able to assist?

Truth PI

Hi James,

We do often find ourselves working for children wanting to catch a cheating parent.

It is an unfortunate circumstance for any family however, the sooner it is addressed the better for those involved.

We utilise surveillance and/or gadgets to catch a cheating parent.

Contact our office to discuss the situation further. We can advise costs, timeframe and the likely outcome.

I have a strong indication that my brother is taking drugs. He regularly disappears from the family home. Are you able to conduct last minute surveillance in Sydney?

Truth PI

Hi John, we certainly can assist with your case as we have done so in the past with many others in your position.

It is unfortunately, very common these days to see relatives and loved ones suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.

We can gather the evidence for you to present to your family, so they can get the help they need to overcome the addiction.

In most cases of this type we utilise physical surveillance as a method of obtaining photos and video evidence.

Please call 1300 365 883 to speak with a private investigator from Truth Investigations today.

I am going through a divorce. I strongly suspect that my husband has hired a Private Investigator on me. Can you provide a service where you can identify if I am being followed?

Truth PI

Hi Heather – we can provide you counter surveillance to ascertain if you are being followed and if so, by who. Our counter surveillance service is useful for identifying tails, people following you on foot, stalking at home or an electronic sweep can be used to identify any unlawful eavesdropping by your ex partner.

Hi there I lost a contact with a friend. Would like to use your service to get in touch with him 

is it something you can help with ?

Truth PI

Hi Carmel, thank you for contacting Truth Investigations. Please email the persons name and any other details you have to

Information such as a last known phone number, email address, last known address, DOB would be helpful when locating a person.

Would like to see if my partner is cheating.

Truth PI

Hi Ethan,

Thank you for contacting Truth Private Investigators. We would be pleased to assist with your cheating partner case.

So that we can assist you further, can you please inform us of any warning signs which might warrant suspicious behaviour on the part of your partner?

We need to get an understanding as to what is happening so we can plan for your case.


Hi, I would like to hire a private investigator to run some surveillance on an individual for a limited period.

Please contact me with details and charges etc?


Truth PI

Hi Christopher, thanks for your enquiry regarding surveillance on an individual.

Our surveillance starts with a 4 hour period. We will follow the individual, take photos, video footage and provide you with live updates. At the conclusion of the period we supply a comprehensive surveillance report.

Please contact our office on 1300 365 883 to discuss the case further or to make a booking.

I met someone on an online site and we became really close, we were essentially in a relationship. He has since disappeared and i was wondering if you could try finding him?

Truth PI

Hi Libby, thanks for your enquiry.

We need to know the following:

– What website did you meet on?
– What platform have you been communicating on?
– What personal information has the person supplied to you during your communications?

Please email or call 1300 365 883 to speak with a Private Investigator today.

My partner is in Sydney for a business trip. Can you please help to find out what he is doing? Especially whether he is sleeping with other woman. He is in Sydney this week till Friday night or Saturday morning. Let me know how much it will cost and we can start.

Hi Sofia, we would be pleased to assist with your cheating partner case. Please call our Sydney office on 1300 365 883 urgently to arrange surveillance from tonight until Sunday.

I am inquiring how you charge for private investigations and can you do background checks from people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residences?

The person I want to check is  from China and currently is living in Australia.

Hi Faith,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are regularly engaged by Clients (Individuals and Companies) who are located outside of Australia.

Please send through a list of what information you are looking to obtain from the investigation along with the personal information you have on the Subject.

Our email address is

Thank you

Good Morning.I am enquiring on the average time spent on surveillance on a partner who may or may not be seeing another person(s).

What information would you require from myself about this person, and of course the cost.

kind regards

Hello Carol,

Thank you for contacting Truth Investigations, your cheating partner specialists.

There is no set time period for a cheating partner case.

We normally suggest 2-5 periods of surveillance, however some cases can go for weeks at a time.

If you have a moment, please call our office on 1300 365 883 to discuss the case in more detail.

We will then forward you a link to a form where you can submit the information required for us to commence surveillance.

Thank you,

Truth Investigations

I live in Canberra and i know my partner is cheating and i would like to find out who the guy she is cheating with and where she goes to see him. How much does it cost?


Thanks for contacting Truth Investigations – Canberra.

Please call our office on 1300 365 883 for a confidential discussion on how we can help you catch your cheating partner.

Do you have a service for urgent or last minute surveillance?

Hi Bradley – yes, we offer urgent surveillance!

Please contact 1300 365 883 (available 24/7).

We pride ourselves on our response rate. We are able to cover jobs within the hour in most cases.

I want to locate a relative. They were married in the 70s. I have their name and marriage date.

Hi Stephan,

Sure – we would be pleased to assist in locating your relative.

Please email the details to

Once we review the information we can get started!

If you have any questions please let the team at Truth Investigations know.

How much do you charge per hour for surveillance? Is there a minimum hours you do in a day?

Hi Freddie, thanks for your surveillance enquiry.

We have a 4 hour minimum for each call out.

Please call 1300 365 883 to speak with a Private Investigator about your individual case.

Hi there, I’m wondering if your restricted with surveillance? Can you go into private gyms? Take photos and videos in the gym?

Hi Zak – thanks for contacting Truth Private Investigators.

We are able to conduct surveillance in a gym however have to respect people’s privacy.

For example: We will not film in bathrooms, change-rooms or a pool where children are around.

Have you got any other questions with which we could assist you?

Hi, I need to find out if my ex is working and confirm where he is living. Can you please let me know how much your services are?

Hi Maya – For a case of this type we suggest a surveillance budget of $2,000 – $5,000.

Once we have located where he is living we can get started with the surveillance to document his work hours.

Hi just wondering how much it would be to find my ex husband as he is nearly $19000 behind in child support.

Hi Isabella – we charge $330-$880 to locate a person. Simply send the details to so we can get started with your case.

Hi, how much to locate a person name & address from a mobile number

Hi Dylan,

We charge $550.00 including gst. It will take us 24-48 hours.

Please send the details to and we can get started for you.

Was just wondering what your charges are for surveillance

Hi Amelia,

Thank you for your surveillance enquiry. We have just sent you an email with our surveillance cost schedule, terms and the surveillance information forms.

Please return the documents when completed and we will plan for your case.

I’m in a long distance relationship with a man in Sydney and I don’t believe I’m the only one he is with. My gut tells me otherwise. I’m wondering how much your service is

Hi Grace,

Thank you for getting in contact with Truth Investigations. We have sent you a surveillance information email. A budget of approximately $2,000 would be suggested for your case.

Can a private investigator in Australia get copies of Vodafone or Optus phone bills?

Thank you for contacting Truth Investigations. Unfortunately we cannot get copies of mobile phone bills from any phone carrier in Australia. It is illegal to obtain someones phone bill unless it is provided in court or with a subpoena.​

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Is it legal to follow someone? I’ve been hesitant to contact you because I’m scared my wife will find out and go to the police. Can you pls let me know asap as I’d like to speak to a PI?

Hi John, thank you for contacting Truth Investigations. Yes, it is legal for us to follow your wife as we are licensed to conduct physical surveillance. We take the necessary steps from the time you first make contact to when the matter is completed to ensure that your wife does not find out she is/has been followed. Please call our office on 1300 365 883 for a free phone consultation when you are available.

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Hi, I am interested in hiring a private investigator to follow my husband after work. He has an office in Sydney CBD and we live in the eastern suburbs. How much does it cost?

Hi Anita, thank you for contacting Truth Investigations Sydney. We would be pleased to assist with surveillance on your husband from the Sydney CBD. Can you please call our Sydney office on 1300 365 883 so we can discuss the matter further? We will have you complete our surveillance information form so we can plan for your case. Surveillance starts from $90.00 per hour.

I just had a suspicion that my bf is secretly seeing someone else. The red flags are there. What’s the fee for this service?

Hi Joanne, thank you for getting in contact with Truth Investigations. Our fees vary from case to case. Some cases are solved from our office and others require physical surveillance. Can you please call our office on 1300 365 883 or send an email to with further background information so we can advise the options available for your individual matter.

We are looking to track someone down who is avoiding service. They have owed our company a considerable amount of money for 2 years without making contact. We want to get someone to track them down and serve them with a statement of claim. Can you assist?

Hi Oliver,

Our background team have many years of experience locating people all around Australia and abroad.

We utilise advanced searching techniques along with numerous databases, tenancy searches, social media searches, ASIC registers and other tools that we have found to be effective throughout the thousands of cases we have successfully completed for our clients.

We charge half our fee upfront and the balance when the task is completed.

During the course of our investigation we will be searching for the individual’s most recent address and or phone number.

There are a few reasons that can contribute to a negative result. Here are some examples: the individual has moved to an aged care facility, the individual has been married and changed their family name, the individual has moved overseas and if the individual has been incarcerated.

If you would like to go ahead with your case please call 1300 365 883 or send an email to

Do you get evidence for family court matters? I am currently going through proceedings with my soon to be ex partner and he has made outrageous claims in his most recent affidavit.

Hi Charlotte, thank you for getting in contact with Truth Investigations. We specialise in obtaining evidence for family court matters via physical surveillance and searches. The next step is to contact our office on 1300 365 883 for a free phone consultation so we can ascertain what evidence will be most beneficial for your case. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Do you have a service where you check my car and home for listening devices?

​Hi Lisa, Thank you for contacting Truth Investigations with your bug sweep enquiry. We would be pleased to assist with your case. Can you please go to a secure location where there is no risk of an area being compromised and contact our office on 1300 365 883? We can discuss the areas that require a sweep and provide you with a quotation.

​For further information please see:

Can a private investigator bug a mobile phone?

Hi Thomas, thanks for getting in contact. No, a PI would not generally bug a mobile phone. There is monitoring software readily available for purchase online through various websites.

Can you get a criminal history check on a person? I want to investigate my ex’s new partner.

Hi Tracey, Unfortunately we cannot get access to a persons criminal history without their written consent. If you are looking to get a persons criminal history outside of Australia please send us an email ( with specific details as we are able to obtain criminal records in several countries outside Australia.​

How much will it cost me to do a background check on a guy I just met on Tinder? What information can a private investigator find out?

Hi Liz, Thanks for contacting Truth Investigations with your background check enquiry.

​The information we can obtain will depend on what information you can provide to us. Generally we can do a verification check and a social media / online investigation.

A budget of $500 – $900 would be suggested. Please contact our office on 1300 365 883.

Who can hire a private investigator?

Hi Beth, thanks for your enquiry. Private Investigators are regularly engaged by individuals, corporations, small businesses, councils, government departments and individuals overseas. If you are unsure if we can assist, simply call our office on 1300 365 883 for a free phone consultation. If we are able to take on your case we will advise the cost and options available for you. If we cannot assist we might be able to give you some advice!

Should I hire a Private Investigator?

Hi David, thanks for your enquiry. Can you please call our office on 1300 365 883 to discuss your individual matter further? Confidentiality assured. ​


How do I know the PI I am paying for is actually at the job site?

​Hi Stephanie, thanks for contacting Truth Private Investigators. When we conduct physical surveillance we take a photo when we arrive at a job, we take photos and video during the job and we also take photos when we leave. The photos will be time and date stamped by our surveillance equipment.​ You can also request a live photo at any time during the course of the surveillance and our Operations Manager will happily send you a photo. If you have any other questions regarding how we do surveillance do not hesitate to contact Truth PI at anytime.

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I need to find out some information about someone and maybe conduct surveillance on them but I am worried they will find out.

Can you guarantee discretion on your work?

Hi Jordan, thank you for your enquiry.

When conducting an investigation we go to great lengths to maintain discretion at all times and ensure that your sensitive information is secure.

We have internal processes and procedures in place that safeguard information about our clients, cases and subjects.

If you have any other questions feel free to call us anytime on 1300 365 883.

Can a private investigator get evidence inside a private residence?

Hi Megan, thank you for getting in contact with Truth Investigations. Unfortunately a Private Investigator is not allowed to enter a private residence without authority. If you require photos of a person/subject coming and going from a property we can arrange that for you via surveillance.