Why Choose Truth Investigations

Our years of experience and ability to find answers sets us apart from other Australian private detective agencies. We employ highly trained and accredited private investigators throughout the major cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Our goal is to find the truth you are seeking in a timely manner while offering affordable rates. This means we learn from our clients immediately what the expectations are. Then we formulate a plan to investigate. We are accountable to our clients, frequently communicating the status and what has been discovered regarding the assignment.

From catching a cheating spouse to discovering who the culprit of employee theft is, we’ve got you covered. You deserve to know the truth. Truth Investigations exposes the facts.

Australia Private Investigators

Truth Investigations offers private investigation services throughout Australia. We have private detectives for hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. We pride ourselves on being professional, discreet and affordable.

There are many reasons individuals and organizations seek private investigation agencies. The motivator for most of those seeking private detective services is a question or unknown. This question or unknown needs to be answered. We consider ourselves answer finders. We can handle most any need, including:

  • Partner infidelity
  • Workplace or insurance fraud
  • Custody hearings
  • Corporate surveillance
  • Missing persons
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance

Truth Investigations is here to help as one of Australia’s leading private detective agencies. We offer private detective services to assist you in revealing the truth.

Seeking a Private Detective in Brisbane?

We have a team of intelligent, well-trained Brisbane private detectives ready to help you reveal the truth. Our Brisbane private investigators are always professional and inconspicuous. We provide private investigation services throughout Brisbane, including corporate surveillance, due diligence, and missing persons cases. Let us help you find out the facts.

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Perth Private Detectives

If you need a private detective in Perth, call on Truth Investigations. Our Perth private detectives will work hard for you to learn the truth. No matter if you are a corporation or individual, our Perth private investigators are ready to serve you. Our services include surveillance, skip traces, help with custody or divorce hearings and catching a cheating spouse. Count on Truth Investigations to deliver results.

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Need a Private investigator in Sydney?

If you are seeking a private investigator in Sydney, turn to Truth Investigations. Our team of Sydney private detectives is among the best in the business. Whatever your question is, we can help get to the bottom of it. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and organizations in Sydney discover the truth. From surveillance to background checks, we provide answers.

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Melbourne Private Investigators

Truth Investigations has a network of Melbourne private investigators. These private detectives are always discreet and honest. We only employ the best Melbourne private detectives. Our surveillance specialists have assisted corporate and individuals in learning the truth. Stop living with uncertainty. Truth Investigations can help.

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Providing factual evidence and results is what Truth Investigations specialise in. With a highly experienced and  specialist team of Private Investigators our Clients are able to trust that their business, affairs and matters are handled professionally, diligently and with the strictest of confidence at all times.

Why use a private detective?

Employing a private detective is discreet and effective. You need answers fast. We deliver. We work with a diverse group of clients who need answers to different questions. We have specialised services for corporations and individuals. Truth Investigations has operatives with a range of skills who use high-tech surveillance equipment. We legally obtain evidence that uncovers the answers to questions. Our field operatives always act with integrity, communicating effectively and maintaining confidentiality.

There are many reasons to seek the services of a private detective. Consider it an opportunity to learn the truth you deserve. Don’t let worry about a possible cheating spouse or an untrustworthy employee keep you up one more night. Make the decision today to find out the truth with Truth Investigations.

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Always Confidential

One of the biggest concerns of hiring a private detective is the fear that the subject will find out. We don’t want our clients to ever worry about this. We promise confidentiality no matter what. Rest assured that we will remain discreet.

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 Learn the Truth

It’s upsetting to suspect that trust has been broken in any relationship, professional or personal. You don’t have to play detective, hire Truth Investigations instead. We’ll get you the answers you deserve. Then you can move forward.

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Keep Assets Safe

Your business is the result of your hard work. Protecting your assets, both physical and intellectual, is imperative. If you suspect there is an internal or external threat, contact Truth Investigations.


Hiring Truth Investigations is the only call you’ll ever have to make. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver the best possible results for all of our Clients.

Where in Australia does Truth Investigation operate?

Truth Private Investigators along with its associates have conducted investigations all over Australia and in various countries overseas.

What are your office hours?

We are open 24/7, 365 days per year via phone and email.

What is a private investigator?

A Private investigator also known as PI or a Private Detective is someone that is hired to undertake an investigation and/or surveillance.

Truth Investigations
Sydney, Melbourne,  Brisbane and Perth Private Investigators

When choosing a private investigation or private detective agency in Australia, you need to know that the firm has a history of delivering credible results and evidence. Many have the misconception that private investigators and detectives are lurking in the shadows and operating in unethically or even illegally. That’s not how Truth Investigations works. All our agents act legally and ethically in their investigations.

Truth Investigations employs a network of hundreds of fully trained and accredited private investigation field operatives in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. We are well respected and have provided quality outcomes for corporations and individuals throughout Australia. Always choose an accredited private investigation firm that has the ability to not only cover all of Australia but has international connections.

Ready to Hire a Private Investigator? Contact Truth Investigations today. Find out the Truth.


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