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Not sure whether the person you’re dating online is a scammer? Maybe you’re fighting a court case or a custody battle and don’t have sufficient evidence to back up your claims. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, here at Truth Investigations we conduct professional social media investigations to help you find what you need.

Dating and online romance scams cost Australians a whopping $42 million in 2016.

What’s even more interesting is that 30 percent of dating and online romance scam victims were targeted via social media websites. Scammers continue to use social media and dating websites to deceive people, and the only true way to find out whether the person you’re communicating with is genuine or fake is through a professional online investigation.

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At Truth Investigations we’ve helped many clients get the answers they were looking for. Our social media and online dating investigations are perfect for those who need evidence to handle cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, defamation, custody battles, divorces, and more. You could even request for a social media investigation to find out whether your partner is faithful to you or not. Our experienced investigators conduct investigations on all manner of dating and social media sites. We have the expertise to help you attain the supplementary evidence you need to make smart decisions for yourself or your business.


With so many people leveraging the power of social media and online dating sites, it’s become easier for criminals to take advantage of people using sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and more. Social media investigations will tell you whether the person you’re interacting with online is claiming to be someone they’re not.

By carefully investigating the subject’s online activity, photos, new posts and followers, we can establish character, uncover the person’s true thoughts and intentions, find out who the person usually interacts with, and even tell you whether they’re having a secret affair online. Truth Investigations will help you uncover the cold hard facts professionally and discreetly.

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At Truth Investigations we have access to high-end software that enables us to carry out our investigations quickly and efficiently. Our private investigators have a good understanding of ethics and know exactly what kind of evidence courts accept. We are also well-versed in the rules that dictate how far we can go to gather the information our clients need.

Our team of investigators have the capacity to monitor the subject’s online social media activity. They know when and how to set up alerts to track new posts and account creations. While anyone can conduct a social media investigation online, not everyone knows what evidence needs to be pulled for it to be admissible in court. Leave the investigation to us and get the answers you need fast. We go beyond and look for hard-to-find information in places seldom accessed.


By using the latest open source investigation methods, we can gather information from numerous social media sites and online dating platforms. We can tell you the age of the subject, their background, location, and more. We take the time to understand your objective and then talk you through the entire investigation process. We will keep you updated throughout the case and communicate our findings discreetly.

If you’re curious to know how social media investigations can help you, call us on 1800 878 847 to learn more.

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