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Insurance and Fraud Investigations

When it comes to investigating insurance and corporate fraud you need to be proactive in defending yourself or your company against false claims. Although insurance claims are meant to help people in need, several individuals intentionally take advantage of the system and commit fraud.

Although insurance fraud is on the rise, most business owners aren’t equipped or experienced enough to carry out a professional investigation.

Whether you’re trying to negate the validity of claims made against you or find out whether an employee is misrepresenting facts for their own gain, we can help.


Fraud is a major problem for Australian organisations and most companies don’t have the appropriate governance systems in place to circumvent fraudulent activity.

Private Investigators have also seen a sharp increase in fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. While some employees do genuinely fall ill or suffer from injuries, others might exaggerate the impact of the injury or illness to increase the payout of their claim.

Here at Truth Investigations, we have a proven process that lets you get to the bottom of the matter, discreetly, professionally, and legally. We utilise physical surveillance in the most cost effective way to help you uncover the truth.

We have earned an outstanding reputation for carrying out professional investigations on behalf of insurance companies, organisations, and business owners. We can help you get the evidence you need to lessen the impact on your business.


  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Lost time of the employee
  • Cost of replacing the injured or ill employee
  • Cost of training the new employee
  • Overtime incurred by staff covering the absent employee

Despite all the costs, a large number of dubious claims go undetected because they’re not successfully investigated.

We’re fully equipped with the right intelligence gathering tools that will give you practical results.

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Whether it’s worker’s compensation claims, income protection claims, disability claims, personal injury liability claims or more, we have the skills and the latest technology to help. We will never offer you advice or come to conclusions based on speculation. We will investigate every aspect of the claim and offer you concrete proof so you can defend yourself and deal with challenging issues in a fair manner.

With our highly effective surveillance methodologies and intelligence gathering processes, we’ll respond swiftly to your investigation needs and help you protect your business.


With the amount of data that’s legally available on the internet, we can carry out Open Source Investigations and present you with the information you need to handle suspicious claims. We have our own proprietary methods of locating information and use a range of intelligence gathering tools to find the evidence you require.

When you hire Truth Investigations, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our investigations are carried out in line with the law. We also work with law firms to prepare the documentation and evidence required.

Stop paying for claims that aren’t valid and minimise the impact on your business.

Contact the insurance and fraud investigations experts at Truth Investigations for help.

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