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Our Melbourne-based private investigators have handled some of the most challenging cases. They have technical knowledge as well as critical thinking skills that enable them to get the best possible results. We’ve handled a range of investigations from surveillance to background checks, bug sweeping to data recovery. We can also locate missing people, track hard-to-find debtors, and conduct fraud investigations.

We understand the legislation that govern all investigations in Melbourne and make sure we take appropriate measures to ensure the privacy of all persons involved. We document our findings and store them securely, so they’re not accessed by unauthorised persons.

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Here at Truth Investigations Melbourne, we are persistent, professional, and discreet individuals who know how to uncover secrets, gather evidence, and solve cases fast. We excel in finding crucial information that could have life changing effects. We certainly put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and use a multitude of investigative techniques to uncover the facts and solve even the most complex cases.

While we love Melbourne for its cultural institutions and elegant streetscapes, we’re appalled by the rising number of crimes in this otherwise charming city. Shootings, robberies, attempted murder and other negligent acts continue to endanger the lives of many.

As private investigators, we’re called upon to gather evidence on multiple cases. Every piece of information we uncover is important. We help clients find the answers they need and give them the chance to put their lives back on track in times of distress. Whether you need crucial evidence to fight a court case or suspect someone is doing something wrong either to themselves or you, we can help.

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  • You think your spouse is cheating on you and you need evidence
  • You feel someone has filed a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim
  • You feel you’re being watched or monitored at home, office or on the go
  • You suspect someone is doing something illegal and you need evidence to report them
  • You’re looking for a missing person or a someone who owes you money
  • You need help tracking a subject’s social media activity
  • You want to know whether your teenager is hanging with the wrong people or doing something illegal
  • You want to do a background check on beneficiaries mentioned in a will
  • You need physical or electronic surveillance.
  • You require assistance with any personal or business matters


At Truth Investigations Melbourne we make your concerns our top priorities. We understand how emotionally distressing certain situations can be, which is why we work fast and offer advice, if appropriate.

We have access to many databases and harness the power of the latest technology to track subjects and their online activities. We also use the latest cameras and recording devices to capture photos and video footage of our subjects. Most importantly, we work discreetly, so your subject will never know we were keeping an eye on them.

We eagerly serve all kinds of clients, from private clients to large organisations. We also have experienced and talented process servers in Melbourne, who know how to deliver legal documents in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by the authorities in Victoria.

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