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At Truth Investigations, we service a wide variety of clients. We understand each client is unique therefore we provide personalised strategies to uncover the truth you seek.

We have private investigators and detectives in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth ready to take on your case.

We provide services to both individuals, companies and government organisations.

Here are some examples of clients we serve.


Individuals looking for an Australian private investigator can count on Truth Investigations. Many individuals contact us regarding infidelity investigations. Unfortunately, cheating does happen. Men and women are both guilty of it. Because of the sensitivity of such an assignment, we recommend letting us find about possible cheating instead of taking on the task yourself.

Many people find themselves in nasty divorces or child custody cases. Should you need evidence to support your concerns and ensure that children are safe, we can help. With the assistance of specially trained investigators in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, we can find out the truth of these private matters. Let us do the investigating and you can go back to what really matters.

How do you find a missing person who may not want to be found? We also help individuals find missing persons or perform skip traces. Because we have the expertise, we can find people all over the world. You may have hit a dead end in your search. Turn to us for help in finding a missing person!

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Companies use our services for many applications, including identifying corporate theft. This theft could be of physical assets or intellectual assets.

Of course, you want to trust your employees. But if you have a hunch about something or can’t understand where losses are coming from, call the experts. We’ll help find out who the culprit is and provide evidence that you can use in their prosecution. Our team of private investigators in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are ready to reveal the perpetrators and protect your assets.

We also offer background check and due diligence services for employers. Obtaining employment background checks is an important step to ensuring you hire the best candidates.

We are here to serve the needs of any client. If you are looking for an Australian private investigation firm, contact Truth Investigations today. You deserve the truth. Find it with Truth Investigations.

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