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Whether you’re a victim of a romance scam or data theft, the team at Truth Investigations is fully licensed and ready to undertake any investigation in Canberra, and since we have a network of local private investigators in each state and territory in Australia, we’ll respond to your requests quickly.

Private Investigators Canberra

Need help confirming your suspicions? Select a locally based private investigator in Canberra and get the evidence you need fast.

Canberra, Australia’s capital city, is home to many attractions, historical sites, and natural wonders. Because of its unique decentralized design, the city looks well-planned and doesn’t feel overcrowded. Although Canberra offers a great quality of life, residents and tourists have to remain vigilant here because of the increasing incidence of crime. Burglaries, theft, and property damage are some of the most common crimes reported in the city. Many people are also becoming victims of dating scams in Canberra. A report published by the ACCC suggests that Canberrans are paying a high price—over $2million in 2016—for becoming targets of scams.

Here at Truth Investigations, we’ve received many investigation requests from people who have fallen for trade scams and social media scams in the capital city. Since there has undoubtedly been a sharp rise in scams taking place through social media platforms, now more than ever, people need the services of private investigators to find out if they’re being cheated or scammed.


  • Background Checks/Due Diligence
  • Insurance and Fraud Investigations
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Bug Sweeping/Counter Surveillance
  • Data Recovery
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Phone Number Searches
  • And more


Our team of private investigators in Canberra know how to handle even the most complicated cases with close attention to detail. They have the necessary technology and experience to uncover the truth and capture the evidence that’s required for you to take legal action. Whether you’re fighting a custody battle or a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim, we have the resources and the expertise to deal with any situation. Many people have approached us to gain insight into their partner’s whereabouts. Others have requested us to pursue social media investigations. Our licensed and trained investigators in Canberra use hi-tech software and covert surveillance equipment to obtain the evidence people need.

We can help you get the cold hard facts and the information you need during the most distressing and emotional times in your life so you can put your mind at ease and make well-informed decisions.


At Truth Investigations Canberra, we’re committed to helping you with your investigative issues. You can talk to us if you’re trying to locate a lost friend or a loved one. We can even help you gather the information and evidence you need to report dating scams, retail theft, and privacy breaches. With our state-of-the-art electronic bug detection equipment, we physically inspect offices, homes, vehicles, telephones, and network systems to identify illegal electronics like bugs, hidden cameras, and listening devices. The threat of electronic bugging, online scams, and data theft is very real in Australia. Our highly trained private investigators in Canberra will put an end to your suspicions by uncovering vulnerabilities and giving you the necessary evidence to pursue the matter in court.


Our licensed investigators in Canberra have an extensive background in the industry and know how to carry out investigations in an unbiased, moral, and ethical manner. They work hard to gather evidence, report findings, and make relevant recommendations if appropriate.  They maintain a complete record of their investigations and store all sensitive information securely to prevent unauthorised access.

From government agencies to high net worth individuals, our team of private investigators have helped many clients. Talk to us if you’d like to avail of professional, affordable, and discreet investigations in Canberra. We’d love to help.

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