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Are you seeking the truth about someone in your life? Have you ever considered hiring a private investigator to find the answers you need? Here at Truth Investigations, our Bondi private investigators will answer those tough questions professionally and with discretion.

Suspect your partner is cheating? Need to address sensitive matters such as child custody and background checks? We have the most dedicated and determined private detectives Sydney has to offer.

Let us get to the bottom of your problem so you can find a solution and gain some much-needed peace of mind.


Hiring an investigator can be quite stressful. You want to be sure the person under investigation won’t discover he or she is being watched. Let us lay your worries to rest.

The private detectives at Truth Investigations will keep all jobs confidential, operating discreetly to ensure you receive the information you need without anyone else finding out.

You deserve to know the truth, and can be certain our Sydney private investigators will find it for you.


Protecting your assets is essential. Whether personal or commercial, you want to ensure everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve isn’t lost or stolen.

At Truth Investigations, we’ll provide all the services you need from discreet surveillance to background checks, and everything in between. Now you can find out who’s being honest and who isn’t.

Suspect a business partner is stealing from you? Think someone is cheating you out of money that is rightfully yours? We’ll help you find answers to all those burning questions and more.

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When choosing Truth Investigations, you’ll receive top-notch service from a name you can trust. We are well-respected and highly trained, and ready to serve private clients and corporate clients alike.

We’ll discover the truth about all your business and personal complications. Whether you want to perform a background check on your business partner, need us for a difficult child custody situation or suspect your domestic partner is being unfaithful, call us for all your private investigation needs.

You can be certain we’ll always maintain a clear channel of communication with you throughout the entire investigation. We conduct all business with integrity, and treat your sensitive information with the utmost respect.

We guarantee the most reliable, professional services, and promise to always deliver the best results possible. We’ll discuss what you need, then begin gathering information. No matter how complicated or complex, the private detectives at Truth Investigations can uncover it.


When searching for a private investigator, you need to know the firm you choose has a credible track record. You need results, and where better to find them than through Truth Investigations.

All our trained professionals operate legally, ethically and with your best interest in mind. We are fully accredited, and equipped to handle all matters such as: counter surveillance, insurance fraud, skip tracing and a wide range of other personal and business investigations.

We pride ourselves on helping you protect yourself, your family and your interests. These include all valuable physical and intellectual assets. We’ll obtain the information you require, and promise a clear delivery through open lines of communication.

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If you suspect lying, cheating or wrongdoing of any kind, Truth Investigations can help.

We’ll obtain the information you require to settle your matters and put your mind at ease.

Call us today to discuss your private investigation needs, and we’ll help you gain the closure you deserve.

Our phone number is 1800 878 847 – we are available 24/7

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