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Online Reputation Management

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Customers love taking the opportunity to leave reviews after they have purchased a product or service. When you consider that Yelp has received more than 186 million reviews alone since its inception, you see the true magnitude of the online review community. And people are reading those reviews too. One study also found that more than 90% of potential customers check online reviews before shopping at a business.

We at Truth Investigation recognise the importance of online reviews to your bottom-line and the impact that negative reviews can have. Approximately 94% of online shoppers will avoid a business that has less than stellar reviews, which is why we offer a service to help mitigate the issue and show customers the best side of your business.

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As a business owner, your reputation means everything. A positive reputation will result in repeat customers and more word of mouth referrals. A negative reputation, however, can do the exact opposite. When it comes to reviews, one bad comment can negatively influence numerous potential buyers.

That is where reputation management comes in, improving your online presence. While it is not possible to stop bad reviews, our service executes strategies to combat negative content. By being proactive, we can manage your reputation and minimise the influence of potentially damaging reviews.


We are a reputable firm with a trusted name in the private investigations industry. Our proven results are based upon thorough research and a commitment to providing effective solutions to our clients.

Truth Investigations also prides itself on clear communication with clients. Just as you can always reach us at any time with questions, we are on the clock 24/7 protecting your reputation and providing our services.

One last important note is that we can provide you with a custom solution. No matter whether you are an individual, multi-million-dollar corporation, government agency, or small business startup, we offer a professional service to fit your needs.

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What’s the first site that comes to mind when thinking of customer reviews? Google? Well, Truth Investigations specifically looks into several Google products for negative content. It turns out that over 60% of shoppers read Google reviews prior to visiting a store, meaning keeping a positive presence on the platform is key.

While this is a major platform for reviews, the reviews found here are not the only ones that matter. That is why our negative review removal service covers a wide range of sites.

It is also important to remember that disparaging remarks are not only limited to traditional review sites. Consumers can leave complaints on social media as well, which is why we also will focus on removing negative comments from your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Do you allow comments under product reviews? This is also an area that potential buyers will likely review before making a purchase. Ensuring that the majority of experiences are positive will result in more customers being compelled to buy.

Are you searching for a job? Have employers been slow to respond? Think about the information that comes up when your name is searched. Everything you put on the internet leaves a paper trail.

Below is a list of common content we target; however, our team will come up with a custom focus plan based on your business or individual needs:

  • Google Search Results
  • Google Image Removal
  • TripAdvisor
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Glassdoor
  • Ripoff Report
  • Fraudulent Reviews
  • Misleading Reviews


When it comes to managing your reputation and removing negative online content, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive. With a combination of removing damaging reviews, eliminating negative comments, and consistent monitoring, Truth Investigations can cleanse your reputation. Reach out today and we can give you a full image audit and quote.

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