Data Recovery and Forensic Services

We live in a very digital age where we bank, shop, work and communicate online. While digital innovation has its own set of advantages, there are challenges too. The internet can be used to orchestrate criminal activity all across the globe. Each day millions of individuals and businesses fall prey to internet security threats and fraud.

These threats can take the form of stolen identities, online scams, data theft, compromised bank accounts and more. Despite all the precautions you may take to improve your security posture, cyber criminals still find new ways to penetrate online systems and retrieve the information they require.


At Truth Investigations, we have seen a big increase in the number of enquiries received from victims of cyber crime. While businesses remain at great risk, individuals are also vulnerable to online dating scams, fraud, and computer misuse.

If you think you’re at risk of being scammed because someone (maybe even an online dating partner) asked you for money, your passwords or online credentials, you need professional help. We can investigate the matter, give you our expert advice, and even help you get the evidence you require to present your case in court.


Clients also seek out our services if they want to find out whether their partner is keeping secrets or important information from them. We have the experience and the latest technology to uncover even the most well-hidden data. We will guarantee you data recovery even if the data is deleted or lost from smartphones and other mobile devices.

At Truth Investigations we recognise the importance of retrieving lost or stolen data quickly and efficiently. Our computer forensic and Data Recovery Specialists use cutting-edge forensic search technology to gather evidence and retrieve data.

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, cybercrimes continue to grow in scale and intensity. Interestingly, many instances of online criminal activity go unreported. According to the ACSC ransomware, DDoS extortion, and credential-harvesting malware continue as predominant cyber threats in Australia.

Here at Truth Investigations, we have a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of Internet crimes. If you think your bank account is compromised, intellectual property is stolen, or if you feel your partner is using your device dishonestly, you could request a forensic search to get to the bottom of the matter and have your questions answered.


Our expert computer forensic and data recovery specialists strive to uncover the data you’re looking for. We tailor our processes based on your needs. We’re well able to recover data from a broad range of mobile electronic devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, USB Drives, Sim Cards, Portable Hard Drives, Computers, and Laptops. We will examine devices, recover lost or deleted data and then use the latest forensic search technology to give you the evidence you need. Our data recovery and forensic experts ensure they deal with all matters discreetly and professionally.

Whether you need to retrieve lost or stolen data to present the evidence in court or whether you need to find out if your partner is withholding information from you, we’ll help.


  • It tells you whether your partner is sneaking behind your back by giving you cold hard facts.
  • Helps you find out whether the person you’re dating online is a scammer.
  • Gives you the opportunity to pursue online crime and harassment investigations.
  • Lets you find out whether your employees or business partners are deleting, destroying or encrypting confidential information.
  • Allows you to recover those precious family photos that went missing because of a malfunctioning micro drive.

Truth Investigations has a good track record of retrieving data and evidence. We’ve helped many people find the answers they’re looking for, and we’re happy to do the same for you.

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