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Are you facing a difficult situation that requires a search for the truth?

Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of the services of a private investigator in Coogee.

No matter your situation, one of Truth Investigations’ private detectives will reveal the answers you need.

Suspect your spouse of cheating? Need a background check on a new employee? Our private detectives are dedicated to following leads and tracking down sensitive information so you can resolve the situation and find some much-needed closure.


The thought of hiring a private detective can cause stress. You need private investigator services you can rely on without the worry of potential compromises of information. At Truth Investigations, you can be certain your situation will remain confidential at all times. All our private detectives operate discreetly, ensuring the protection of your privacy at all times.

We’ll also help you protect your assets, both physical and intellectual. We’ll provide all the services required, from background  checks to surveillance, skip tracing, and everything in between. This allows you to find out who’s being honest, and who isn’t.

Suspect your domestic partner of cheating? Think your business partner might be stealing money from you? These are very real situations that spark burning questions for people every day. Let us help you find the answers that will bring closure.

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Why Choose a Private Investigator in Coogee?

When choosing Truth Investigations, you’ll receive top-notch service from a company you can trust to always exercise discretion and professionalism.

All our private investigators are highly trained, well-respected in their field and able to serve private clients and corporate clients alike. We’ll help you discover the truth about all personal and business situations that could prove detrimental to your physical, mental and financial health.

We always operate with your best interest in mind, and conduct all business with integrity and respect. You’ll receive the most reliable, professional services you’ll find in and around Coogee, and promise to deliver the best possible results.

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When searching for the right private investigator, you need to know you’re choosing a firm with a credible, proven record for tracking down difficult information. You need results, and Truth Investigations will provide them.

All our trained professionals operate legally, and are equipped to take on a wide range of tasks including: counter surveillance, insurance fraud, background checks and custody cases.

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