Back in the day, private investigators proved to be some of the most exciting characters in movies and novels. In today’s day and age, they play an important role in helping people overcome many real life challenges.

Here at Truth Investigations our Sydney-based team of investigators are here to solve mysteries, gather evidence, and help our clients. Their cases revolve around a range of problems like alleged infidelities, child abuse claims, fraudulent worker’s compensation claims, marital issues, corporate espionage, and more.

Our investigators in Sydney are street-smart, technically savvy, highly knowledgeable, and well experienced. They have what it takes to uncover the truth and bring the cold hard facts to light. We’ve helped many people during some of their most emotionally and mentally distressing times.

With our highly sophisticated electronic surveillance devices, we leave no stone unturned. We go to great lengths to harness the information our clients need and don’t shy away from any situation or environment when it comes to gathering evidence.


Our Sydney-based private investigations team has had the chance to work on interesting cases. From social media investigations to background checks, counter surveillance to data recovery, we’ve tackled many concerns and unresolved issues and have helped clients get a grip on their lives.

Sydney is Australia’s most iconic city and appeals to people all over the world, but this harbour city often becomes a hotspot for many crimes. Theft, assault, robbery, and fraud are some of the most commonly reported crimes in the city. As local private investigators in Sydney, we have the experience to handle many complicated, difficult, and dangerous situations.

Whether you’re suspecting your partner of cheating on you or feel like someone is watching you, we’ll help. With our high-end camera and counter surveillance measures, we can capture footage, detect electronic bugs, take photos from a distance and even install surveillance cameras to monitor criminal activity.


Private investigators in Sydney have local knowledge. They can trace people’s whereabouts, follow them to work or the gym if required and even monitor their activities by night. Our investigators can track down debtors who go missing, perform complete background checks, handle social media investigations, and even gather evidence for divorce/child custody matters.

Investigations require a combination of surveillance and critical thinking skills. Our licensed private investigators know how to uncover hidden secrets without breaching any local or state laws. They possess strong complex problem-solving skills and don’t rest until they find answers.


Most people benefit from hiring a private investigator when they’re in a crisis. We understand how challenging it is for you to get the answers you need on your own. We’re here to assist you and tell you how we can get those answers for you fast and discreetly. We know the kind of evidence courts looks for and work our hardest to obtain this sort of evidence.

Whether you’re facing sensitive personal matters or business-related problems, we want to help. Our private investigators in Sydney are compassionate, reliable, knowledgeable, and capable of reporting their findings in an unbiased manner. We make sure we keep your information or queries confidential and communicate our findings as and when you want us to. We have been very successful in our undertakings over the years, and we continue to deliver great results.

So if you feel like the walls around you are tumbling down, talk to us at Truth Investigations Sydney. Call us at 1300 365 883 to hire a fully licensed private eye.