Professional Surveillance Investigations in Australia

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Investigations

Wondering whether your partner or spouse is really working late? Maybe you’re looking for a long-lost friend. Whatever your reason, you can count on our surveillance specialists to get the information you need. Our private investigators have handled a broad range of surveillance requests. We’ve had clients requesting us to help them fight custody battles, fraudulent claims for compensation, child abuse cases and more. Our private investigations are conducted with the highest level of proficiency. We gather valuable evidence and help people find the solutions they need.

Our team of private investigators are hardworking, diligent, professional and discreet. They know how to handle sensitive matters such as these and have the experience to go after the truth. Whether you want to know if your spouse or girlfriend is cheating or want to find out if someone is involved in criminal activity, we can help.


Whether we need to dine alongside the subject, follow them to work and back, work out with them at the gym (all while filming), we don’t hesitate to do so. We’ve been in the industry for years and know exactly how to track the subject’s daily activities without their knowledge. We utilise some of the most sophisticated technology to record incidents and events even if they take place in the dark.

With Truth Investigations, criminals, fraudsters, and cheating spouses don’t stand a chance. Our private investigators work quickly and efficiently so you can get your information promptly. We always stay up to date with the latest surveillance technologies that become available. With our successful approach and technical prowess, you’ll have your answers fast.

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Here at Truth Investigations, we take great pride in offering personalised services to our clients. Whether you want us to monitor people who you believe are engaging in suspicious activity or gather evidence through covert surveillance, we’ll make sure our services are in line with your specific requests.

Investigations such as these require skill, intelligence and utmost care. Our trained surveillance investigators carry out the job with respect and sensitivity so you can maintain your privacy. We offer you detailed reports of our findings in an easy format so you can analyse all the evidence we have gathered. Don’t let life rob you of your peace of mind. Get in touch with the experts at Truth Investigations and take control of the situation.

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  • Those dealing with marital, private or family matters
  • Individuals who want to gather evidence to fight custody battles
  • Corporate matters
  • People dealing with worker’s compensation claims
  • Those troubled by insurance related matters
  • Employers who think their staff members are being dishonest
  • Individuals looking for people who have moved their address
  • Parents who want to eliminate doubts about their teenagers
  • Obtain evidence of children being left unsupervised
  • People who are having issues with their neighbours
  • Any others who want to make general or discreet inquiries

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