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Whether you’re a business owner or a proactive parent, monitoring software can provide peace of mind. When you want to get fast updates without any hassle, this may be the perfect solution for you. Convenient and reliable, our spy software can detect threats before they become a major issue.


Our software fits a wide range of needs depending on what you need to be monitored. You can rest assured that you will know exactly what is going on, with the advantage of being able to get updates no matter where you are.

Here are some of the features of our spy software:

Review installed applications

A typical web browser can show you past browsing history, but our software does much more. View what has been installed, what versions, and frequency of usage.

Track locations

Want to track the location of a device? Using GPS technology, you can locate, monitor, and even export location history of where a device has been. Save location coordinates to also get a firsthand view.

Record phone calls

Every monitoring software should come with phone recording; however, our service stands out from competitors. Rather than only being able to record traditional phone calls, users can record VoIP calls placed on platforms like Skype and LINE.

Track online communications

We make it simple to track digital communications that take place on a device, such as SMS and webmail responses.

Monitor social media

With the popularity of social media platforms, you may want to make sure that employees are not spending time socialising during work hours on a company device. Monitoring messages on apps such as Facebook Messenger can also help to keep kids safe.

View browsing history

View every website that has been accessed on your spyware-enabled device. You can also check the bandwidth and see which passwords are being used.

Get alerts and reports

With the numerous features and options of our software, it is important to be able to easily review information. That is why you can log in using secure 2FA credentials to download data and set up keyword or location alerts.

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At Truth Investigations, we know that no solution is truly one-size-fits-all. That is why our monitoring software works on every popular device.


Our Android spyware app is one of the most robust in the industry. You can listen, record, and even get access to live Android calls. A more unique feature is being able to record surroundings via the phone’s microphone. We can also give you the option of having a pre-installed device shipped to your door, so that getting started is even more convenient. Our software works with Android versions 4-10.


Users have more than 150 options when it comes to monitoring iPhone and iPad devices. This includes iOS 6.0 through 13.x. Rather than merely recording standard phone calls, our service stands out by also offering FaceTime call recording and call logs.


Enable our monitoring software on your Windows or Mac computer. There are more than 40 features that help you monitor the activity of your employees or children. More than just reviewing browsing history, you can even see file activity and what documents have been printed.


As a reputable private investigations firm, Truth Investigations knows how to provide solutions to clients. Our unique monitoring product contains more features than your typical spyware software. Plus, it is backed by a company that has a proven record of success. For the most complete solution for phone and computer monitoring, there is no better choice than us.

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