Bug Sweep, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - Cars & Boats

Bug Sweep, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – Cars & Boats

The Benefits of a Bug Sweep

A bug sweep is a counter-intelligence technique that identifies surveillance equipment in your home, automobile or boat. If you believe you’re being monitored in some way, whether by audio or visual equipment, we can detect any bugs with our advanced equipment and remove them for you. Some bugs have a built-in resistance to detection, and we can also locate those with our professional tools.

We Know Where to Look

Undercover operatives might place surveillance equipment in places that you don’t usually think about. The detectives at Truth Investigations have years of experience in finding unusual or out of the way hiding places for covert equipment. We’ll do several thorough bug sweeps of your home, car or boat until it’s free from electronic eavesdropping devices. Whether you’re being tracked by the media, a business competitor or a disgruntled spouse, we can detect and remove spy technology from your home or vehicle.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sometimes, surveillance equipment can be hidden in plain view, often attached to an object in the room. One such clever recording device is embedded in a standard black USB connector cable. It can be installed anywhere there’s a computer in use by simply replacing the existing cord with an identical one.

Objects we don’t notice, like the screws attaching a light plate or electrical outlet to the wall, can be replaced by pinhole cameras or audio recording devices. Some bugs are so small that you might not see one even if it was right in front of your face. Many are no larger than the tip of a pinky finger and can be innocuously stashed in places like plant foliage, furnishings or home electronics.

Unexpected Locations

Surveillance equipment can show up bugs anywhere in your home, attached to the most ordinary objects. Light fixtures and smoke detectors are common hiding places, along with fireplace mantles and window frames. You’d be surprised at the unusual places we’ve found spyware, including:

  • Ceilings
  • Baseboards
  • Door Locks
  • Landline Phones
  • Furnishings
  • Throw Pillows
  • Picture Frames

Surveillance Protection for Your Vehicle

Cars and boats have dozens of places a hidden device can be installed. For example, the undercarriage of a car is the best place to attach a GPS tracker. Other areas of an auto that are perfect for planting devices are in the boot, under the bonnet, on a spare tyre frame, on a door frame and even behind the license plate. Recording devices have turned up inside air vents, in the glove compartment, on the rear-view mirror and even on the steering column.

Yachts, sailboats and speedboats provide ample areas for concealing audio or video spyware. A yacht has many of the same convenient furnishings and appliances as a residence, giving covert operators an open field. And there are rarely accessed areas that are perfect for planting audiovisual spying equipment. Spyware might also be planted on the rigging of a sailboat or the battery compartment of a speedboat.

Staying Safe from Snooping

Once Truth Investigations has detected and removed hidden surveillance equipment from your car or boat, you can take steps to keep bad actors from snooping again. Marine security cameras are available that will protect your yacht from unwanted access. And, with many setups, you can even monitor them in real-time with a mobile phone app.

Professional Surveillance Detection

Our professionals can find surveillance devices in your home, car and boat, no matter how small or cleverly hidden. The presence of home spyware is a common concern, but many people don’t realise their vehicles are also at risk for bugs. We’re the experts when it comes to the equipment, techniques and hiding places used for covert surveillance of your yacht or automobile. Call us today, or submit a confidential online enquiry to speak with one of our professional private investigators.


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