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10 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Partner

Are you worried that your partner is cheating on you but don’t have any solid evidence? Maybe you just have that unpleasant gut feeling that something is off or that your partner is becoming more distant. What follows is likely feelings of paranoia, low self-worth, low self-esteem, and betrayal, which are only dragged out if you can’t confirm your suspicions one way or another.

If you want to know the truth, you’ll need to learn how to catch a cheating partner. It seems so simple in the movies, where you just walk in on them in the moment and everything is suddenly out in the open. The reality is, trying to catch a cheating wife or husband is usually a lot more complicated, so you may want to consider these 10 different ways to spy on your partner, including everything from spy apps to hiring a private investigator in Melbourne.

All that being said, please note that spying on your partner should be a last resort. The best way to know if your partner is cheating is to have an open and honest conversation with them about it. However, confronting a cheater may not be realistic for you if your relationship was already unhealthy and you can’t count on your partner to be honest.

Trying to confront someone about cheating without having any evidence to back up your claims may just make it easier for them to lie. So, if you’re certain that a conversation won’t get you anywhere, consider trying these 10 spying methods:

1. Keep an Eye on Their Phone

It’s not a new idea to spy on your partner’s phone for proof of infidelity. Catching a cheating partner is pretty easy when you can check their call logs and text messages. However, it’s quite common for people to have their phones locked, meaning you’ll need to keep your eye on their phone to watch for push notifications.

Some cheaters opt for the convenience of a second phone. They may refer to it as a “work” or “emergency” phone, or hide it altogether. They may even go so far as purchasing a separate SIM card for their unfaithful activities, which you can actually extract data from if you happen to see one lying around.

2. Track Their Whereabouts Using Location Tracking Technology

If the idea of physically following somebody makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, there’s a simple alternative. Using location tracking technology, you can find your partner’s location on iCloud in just a few steps. You both need to have Apple devices connected to the same family account and have location sharing enabled, which you can then access by logging into iCloud.com and clicking on Find My iPhone.

If you don’t have devices connected to the same account or the right settings enabled, you can also use GPS. Google users can view someone’s location history in the “previous destinations” menu option. Android users can use a similar approach using the Google Timeline feature in Google Maps.

If your devices don’t permit you to use these methods, you can opt for hiring a private investigator. A private investigator, which we’ll discuss further momentarily, can help physically locate a person in a way that’s 100 per cent legal and confidential.

3. Test Your Search Engine’s Auto-Fill

Checked your partner’s search history but couldn’t find anything suspicious? If they really are cheating on you, they likely know well enough to erase the search history on their browsers. That means you won’t ever be able to find hook-up services or other incriminating websites in their history, even if you check regularly.

Though most people know to clear their search history, they may have neglected to erase their auto-fill history. Search engines like Google and Bing offer guesses when you start searching for things, all based on your past searches. Try typing various letters into your search bar and wait to see what the search engine fills in (ex: type “ash” and you may find the notorious cheating site Ashley Madison popping up).

4. Look Through Their Digital AND Actual Trash Bin

Similar to erasing search history but not auto-fill history, your partner may have put compromising documents in the digital trash but forgotten to empty it. If you share a computer with your partner, make a habit of checking the trash bin and restoring and reading documents that look suspicious. Files could be titled in a way that’s very obvious OR in a way that’s oddly mundane like “work”.

If you’re willing to do something slightly more unpleasant, you could also take a peek through your partner’s actual trash bin. You may end up finding incriminating receipts, love notes, or other documents that help you learn the truth. If you’re not up to this task, contacting a private investigator will save you a lot of stress down the road.

5. Set Up a Hidden Spy Camera

If you’re looking for equipment to catch a cheating spouse, you’re truly spoiled with options. There are various spy devices for cheating spouses that are subtle and effective. This includes motion activated spy cameras and hidden cameras designed as regular household objects like smoke detectors and speakers.

When it comes to the most affordable cheating spouse spy equipment, however, there’s nothing better than a baby monitor. Simply hide it well in the room where your partner spends most of their time alone. You can then use the monitor to watch and/or listen to their activities in real-time when you think they may be up to something.

Spying devices like these are seriously the worst nightmare of cheating husbands and wives, so long as you pick the right one and set it up in the right location.

6. Install Secret Spy Apps

Did you know you could catch a cheating spouse using an app? People use cheating apps to be unfaithful, so it’s only right that there be spy apps for cheating spouses. Simply download one of these apps onto your partner’s phone and you’ll be able to see what letters they type, what pages they visit, and even passwords that they use.

There’s a wide range of apps to spy on your spouse, some of which you’ll have to pay for and some that are free. If you hope to catch your spouse cheating using an app of this variety, you’ll just have to ensure that the app offers the surveillance you’re looking for. For example, if you think your spouse is using cheating sites, choose an app that records what websites they visit rather than one that tracks phone calls.

7. Buy a Landlord Recorder

Wondering how to catch a cheating husband or wife using your home phone? If you have a landline, you can purchase a landline recorder that allows you to record both sides of a conversation over the phone. To bug your landline, all you have to do is connect the recorder to a BT style landline phone socket and wait until the time is right to listen back to the recording.

If you’d rather not bug your landline, eavesdropping is a more straightforward and cost-effective alternative. Putting your ear against the door probably won’t be enough, but you can purchase or use an existing spare phone and connect it into an available phone jack. Place the spare in a part of the house that your spouse rarely goes to ensure that you have a private listening spot when they answer the phone elsewhere in the house.

Before eavesdropping, remember to unscrew and remove the phone’s mouthpiece first. This will prevent any slight noises on your end from being heard over the phone. If this isn’t an option, be prepared to stay calm and stay still for the entirety of the conversation.

8. Stealthy Voice Recorder

Baby monitors and landline recorders are effective ways of spying on your partner. That being said, they’re not things you can just have out in the open. If you need a voice recorder that you can place on a desk, in your partner’s car, or somewhere in the house, there are several stealthy voice recorders to choose from.

You should choose your stealthy voice recorder based on the method you think your partner is using to cheat on you. For example, a key fob recorder is ideal if you think your partner is meeting up with people inside their car. Think they’re cheating on you with one of their co-workers? Place a voice recording pen into one of their pen organisers.

9. Monitoring Software

If you’d like to go beyond the somewhat limited and not always inconspicuous spy apps, you can opt for state of the art monitoring software. Spy software is a highly effective way of monitoring your partner’s activities, whether it be on their phone, their laptop, or any other device. A private investigator can get you access to this software and ensure that it’s installed on the target.

There are multiple benefits to monitoring software over simpler apps and devices. The most notable of these benefits is that you’ll have access to far more information than ever before. This includes the ability to review installed applications, track their location, record phone calls, and monitor their social media.

Spying on your partner to this degree isn’t something to take lightly. That being the case, working with a professional is essential to keeping things legal and ethical. They can install the software, provide you with frequent alerts and reports, and ensure that everything is above board.

10. Hire a Private Investigator

The most reliable and efficient way to find out if your partner is cheating on you is to hire a private investigator. A private investigator knows how to get you the answers you’re looking for in a way that’s ethical, legal, and confidential. They can offer various professional methods for spying on your spouse, including following them, recording their actions using high-quality equipment, and much more.

With the right private investigator, you’ll have a guaranteed agreement of confidentiality. This saves you the risk of getting caught, which is a possibility with all the other methods listed above. Of course, the best part about hiring a private investigator is that they’ll be able to offer both physical evidence and their own expertise and perspective.

It may not always be the answer you want to hear, but a private investigator can offer an unbiased assessment of the situation for you. That in itself is incredibly valuable when you’re dealing with such an emotional and stressful topic. That all being said, it’s essential to choose a private investigation firm that’s licenced, experienced, and trained in covert surveillance.

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