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Is Cheating the End of a Relationship?

Does Cheating Mean the End of Your Relationship?

A couple may have an open relationship, with each partner not caring if the other has personal connections or sexual encounters with others. However, for most people in a committed relationship, having an affair with another person is considered to be a betrayal.

Cheating on a partner destroys the trust between two people, and it can have wider repercussions, especially if children are involved. Among married couples in Australia up to 40 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women have been unfaithful and yet 90 per cent of them consider infidelity to be unacceptable.

Does This Mean It’s Over?

Infidelity is one of the top reasons for divorce, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of a marriage. Couples have much more to bind them together than just a sexual relationship. Companionship, shared values and similar interests are also part of a loving partnership between two people. A one-time mistake can be forgiven and the key to repairing a marriage is re-establishing trust in the relationship. But for this to work the guilty party has to admit what happened and take ownership of their wrongdoing.

When Infidelity Kills a Relationship

There’s no way to repair a relationship that’s been torn apart by infidelity if the person who’s cheating won’t admit to the behaviour. Honesty is an integral part of moving forward after a partner has strayed. What’s more, serial infidelity can be a pattern that indicates an inability to be faithful in the future or even a sign of sex addiction. If you strongly suspect your partner has cheated but they continue to deny it, the next step is to find out the truth.

Uncovering Cheating

Here are a few hints that may indicate your spouse is being unfaithful:

  1. A sudden concern for appearance, dieting or exercise
  2. Increased use of the computer and phone, especially behind closed doors
  3. An inability to contact your partner for significant blocks of time
  4. Changes in your partner’s schedule for no apparent reason
  5. A feeling there’s something unspoken going on during gatherings with friends
  6. Emotional distance between you and your spouse
  7. Unexplained charges on your joint debit or credit cards

If you have experienced two or more of these hints, your suspicions may be well-founded. However, if your partner continues to deny infidelity, you still won’t have any details to use when confronting them. It’s important to have the facts of the situation in hand so you can exert some control over what happens next.

Hire a Professional

The safest and most thorough way to get to the bottom of suspected infidelity is to enlist the aid of a professional private investigator.

Surveillance by a private detective will answer all your questions, including:

  • Who did your partner cheat with?
  • When and where did it happen?
  • Is the infidelity still going on?

Truth Investigations will conduct a discreet and professional investigation that includes high-quality video surveillance. It’s easy to make a confidential appointment with one of our licensed investigators and we take your concerns seriously. Let us help you move forward, one way or another.


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