Infidelity at Work: Its Risks and Effects

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Did you know that the workplace tops the list of the places where infidelity relationships take place? This is mainly due to all the opportunities that exist at the office for coworkers to interact, engage in teamwork, and connect during after-hours gatherings. Although many organisations strictly prohibit intimate relationships between colleagues, the workplace remains the birthplace of many extra-marital affairs. The consequences of these risky involvements at work are severe. Not only do such affairs disturb the cheater’s personal life but they also spell trouble for businesses.

The Risks of Office Romances

While the draw of an office romance may seem very exciting, it’s rarely worth it. Most employers are concerned about workplace affairs because they have the potential to cause problems. The problems get bigger when the affair occurs between a supervisor and a subordinate. In such scenarios, the supervisor typically favours the employee they’re dating and this creates tension between the subordinate and other co-workers at the office. The rising tension and lower employee morale can negatively affect the entire office. Moreover, when the relationship comes to an end, the subordinate might file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the supervisor. Employers who have to deal with such situations find themselves mediating between employees who are no longer working cooperatively with one another. They also have to sort out issues related to lower productivity and higher employee turnover.

The Effects of Infidelity at Work on Personal and Professional Life

Most organisations have a formal policy on office relationships. Employees who are involved in a workplace romance are either terminated, transferred, or demoted. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is between two employees who hold a similar position or between a supervisor and a subordinate. Employers go by the rules set out in their policies and take employment action as a result of the relationship.

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