Risks in Online Dating

The internet together with social media sites presents us with many opportunities. Instant messaging platforms and social networking sites make it easier than ever to connect with people, share photos, and even find true love. The digital world is not without risks though, especially for those who are looking to find romantic interests online.

Looking for Love Online

Unlike people in the 70s who frequented bars and clubs in the hope of finding love, singles today join and log on to online dating sites to find dating partners. While it seems like a great idea to look for the perfect companion on your smartphone or computer, online dating is plagued by many problems that have caught several people unaware.

Risks of Online Dating

Each year thousands of innocent people become victims of online dating scams. It happens when people sign up to online dating sites and get conned by scammers who first try to win their affection and later use that friendship to commit a fraud. People who are generous, vulnerable and desperately looking for companionship online are the ones who are most likely to become victims of such scams. What’s even more shocking is that fake online relationships can last several years. Scammers try their best to make their profiles look normal. They might also encourage victims to meet them in person to commit other heinous crimes.

Signs to Watch Out For:

  • An online dating partner who refuses to get on an impromptu video call.
  • Dating partners who send you several gifts to try to win you over before asking you to open up your wallet to pay for their requests.
  • Dating partners who seem desperate to get into direct e-mail or Skype contact with you.
  • Dating partners who can’t communicate clearly. They often make grammatical errors, write poor sentences or choose odd words. This could indicate that they’re scamming you from a foreign country.
  • People who try to show you they’re living life grandly by sending you pictures of their luxurious mansions and cars.
  • Those who fake emergencies, like accidents, after beguiling you and then ask you to pay for their unexpected expenses.

Protecting yourself with Truth Investigations

Since online dating carries many risks, it’s important to do a thorough background check on a potential dating partner you’ve come across online. Here at Truth Investigations, we have the technology and expertise to perform professional background checks on anyone. We’ll uncover every detail about the subject’s past and tell you whether the person you’re dating is who they say they are. Our private investigators will confirm their identity, perform a background check and verify their authenticity.

We have the resources to protect you from the dangers of online dating. So call us at 1300 365 883 to learn more about the person you’re dating before you make any plans to meet them in person.