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Review Removal – Reputation Management

Why Reputation Management Matters

Chances are you have heard the term reputation management before. Even so, you might be unsure as to what it is or why it is even important. Simply put, reputation management is how the public perception of a business or a person is influenced and monitored.

With an online reputation management (ORM) service, a team can actively work on improving your reputation every day. ORM services, like the Reputation Management solution provided by Truth Investigations, seek out negative content across all platforms. You can count on the team to get the posts removed, whether it’s Google search results or Ripoff Report complaints.

ORM for Individuals and Businesses

It is important to remember that reputation management is just as important to business owners as it is to individuals. That is why an ORM service will also proactively monitor social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Imagine if you are applying for a job, and a potential employer comes across something that paints you in a negative light. Reputation management services will be able to flag this content and mitigate the risk.

Your reputation is what other people think of you. As a business owner, or simply as a person trying to achieve a goal, others’ opinions matter. This is why we offer several ways to improve and manage your reputation.

How We Help Manage Your Reputation

1. Audit Your Name and Brand

The first step when it comes to managing your reputation is to know where you stand. We search your name and business name in search engines and see what comes up. Have you or your company ever gone by any other name? Search this too.

Our team does a thorough audit and takes note of both positive and negative associations. This will give you a starting point of where you have been successful and where you can begin making improvements.

2. Actively Search Your Social Media

Social media is powerful. There are 3.5 billion users all over the globe, and 54 per cent use social media platforms to research potential products. Connecting to your audience with relevant content will help increase engagement.

However, having negative comments underneath your posts can have the opposite effect. We scour your social media channels to make sure there is no negative content. If we do find a post that reflects your business in an unfavourable light, we remove it.

3. Check Review Sites

Review sites can make or break your reputation, and the first line of defence is to always provide a good experience. Unfortunately, a reality of having a brand is that you will not be able to please everyone. Online review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have a heavy influence on consumer purchasing behaviour, with 93 per cent of customers checking reviews before committing.

We work to respond to and resolve any customer complaints that we find, and this can be as simple as replying to customer concerns. This shows others viewing the posts that your business tries to assist all customers. Having more positive than negative content also helps boost your SEO rankings.

4. Flag Misleading Claims

Sometimes, it is not your fault that a bad review or comment was left about you or your business. In those cases, it is imperative that we get the claims removed quickly. From the outside looking in, customers will not know that these claims are false. These can damage a potential relationship and ultimately hurt your reputation and bank account.

We do not turn a blind eye to false claims; this type of negative content is what we typically want to remove first.

No matter who you are or what industry you are in, reputation management matters. At Truth Investigations, we have solutions that fit every need, and we can start improving your online presence today.


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