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As local private investigators in Adelaide, we’re called upon to gather evidence and provide detailed reports of our findings. We conduct investigations on a broad range of issues like drug use, cheating, dating scams, financial scams, and more. We have been helping local businesses, government organisations, as well as individuals, overcome the issues they face at work and home. Our private investigators in Adelaide are accustomed to working on all kinds of investigations and have the necessary equipment to gather evidence discreetly and morally.

Need a private investigator you can trust with all your personal or business matters? Our team of Adelaide-based investigators has what it takes to provide up-to-date reports to our clients to help them overcome their specific concerns.

Adelaide is known for its food, wine, and thriving bar-scene. It also hosts a range of world-class events that lure scores of tourists each year. The city is a great tourist destination, but it does witness many theft and fraud related offences that have left its residents feeling unsettled. Moreover, tough economic conditions have motivated people to commit crimes out of desperation. While the authorities have installed CCTVs in many locations to deter offenders, theft, fraud, deception, and related offences still happen in the city.

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Here at Truth Investigations, we apply our expertise and technical prowess to help our clients obtain the results they need. We tailor our approach to suit the needs of each investigation and clearly communicate our plans with the our clients before we begin our investigations.

Infidelity Investigations—Not all infidelity investigations come back with bad news, but some unfortunately do. Our aim is to find answers and give our clients the peace of mind they deserve. We discreetly follow the subject and gather the necessary evidence to support our cases. We have highly sophisticated cameras and spy gadgets that help us on our mission.

Surveillance Investigations—Our Adelaide investigators have mastered the art of surveillance. Whether you need to gather evidence to fight a custody battle, report child abuse, identify fraudulent worker’s compensation claims or track corporate espionage, we can help. We employ the most discreet methods and use the latest video surveillance equipment to capture the footage you need. Whether we have to follow them to trace their whereabouts or film them from great distances, we’ll do the needful and deliver outstanding results.

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Social Media Investigations—Our investigators in Adelaide know how to monitor a subject’s activity on social media platforms. We know how to search through social media and online dating sites quickly to help you uncover the facts. Our social media investigations in Adelaide give you the chance to find out whether your partner is cheating, your child is liaising with the wrong people, or an employee is holidaying while filing for worker’s compensation claims. Whether you’re a business owner or a parent, we will help you put an end to your suspicions.

Background Checks—Doesn’t matter how much information an online dating partner or a potential employee is hiding from you. Our investigators in Adelaide have the resources and the technology to research their past and uncover even the most concealed information. With Truth Investigations you can make informed decisions and educated choices. We’ll share our accurate findings so you can know whether the person you’re dealing with is genuine or fake.

Counter Surveillance and Bug Sweeping—With the use of the latest technical surveillance counter measures our Adelaide-based investigators will sweep your home, office or vehicle of all electronic bugs and monitoring devices.

At Truth Investigations, we keep up with the latest technologies, making sure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Check out our entire list of services and get in touch with us if you need the help of a trustworthy investigator in Adelaide.

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